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Want to be the best skier / snowboarder you can be this ski season?

Do you like to ski / snowboard from the 1st lift to the last run of the day, beat your friends to the hot chocolates or just want to enjoy your holiday more, we offer tailored training programmes that will suit your ski / snowboard abilities and match your holiday ambitions.

Whether you are a seasoned snow boarder / skier or a newbie to the slopes we can help to prepare you physically, improve your performance and help you avoid injuries. 


  •  All day strength and fitness for the mountain
  • Reduce next day soreness
  • Control and stability for off piste
  • Mobility and flexibility to avoid injury and fatigue
  • Nutrition Advice to keep you on the mountain longer

BOOK Now for your 5 week package. Starting at £75 for groups and £200 for Personal 1to1 


We have over 25 years of skiing and boarding experience that allows us to truly understand your needs and ambitions and create a package that is individual for you.